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No matter where you travel, sleep, eat, or live; one thing stands between you and the experience waiting -- a door. A door is a boundary that can create anticipation, excitement and desire. Access to the other side is only possible by the door's hardware...the first thing you touch upon entering, and the last thing upon leaving.

Introducing Jay Jeffers for Access by Accurate. A capsule collection of door hardware that redefines modern luxury.

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Pairing the industry's finest manufacturing technologies with the creative vision of renowned interior designer, Jay Jeffers, to create bespoke door jewelry.

Beyond the tactile experience of opening a door, Jay Jeffers for Access by Accurate allows the opportunity to introduce a product line that creates an emotional connection to style, status and making a statement.

Jay’s inaugural collection showcases his inventive use of materials and draws inspiration from a mixture of contemporary, vintage and antique styles that stays true to his signature curated aesthetic.